I Want To

Alpaca, Dario Denso

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"I Want To" is an exclusive project that combines the sound of Alpaca with the visual arts of Dario Denso Andriolo. It is a multisensory experience that blends drum & bass with low ambient breakdowns, enriched by the interaction between digital instruments, synthesizers, and vocals. Through its pulsating rhythms and ethereal pauses, this track transports the listener on a journey to an unknown world, between Blockchain and the Metaverse.

In this NFT, 3D scans of real models, ordinary men and women, are presented, whose anatomical details are intentionally blurred almost as if to remove identity from the subjects. These individuals are dressed, in addition to the typical intangibility of religious representation, in original patterns that decorate their bodies like giant tiles extracted from the Sicilian Reflection exhibition.