Goose Pärk

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I crafted this song in response to the pandemic, also known as the Plandemic. The overwhelming flood of misinformation about vaccines, Covid-19, and various other topics ignited my frustration. My social media accounts faced shadow banning because I exposed falsehoods with concrete evidence. Originally released in November 2020 after returning from a road trip to Los Angeles, this song serves as a testament to those who supported my previous release, “Stimulation Growth.” As a token of appreciation, those who minted “Stimulation Growth” will receive an airdrop of this song. Stay tuned for more music coming soon! In conclusion, always remember to think for yourself—it’s your strongest asset.

Produced, recorded, mix and mastered by Goose Pärk. Enjoy the video as well; it was shot in Little Haiti Miami, FL. Video shot by John Atis. Edited by Goose Pärk