Joe Bertè

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"Perrea" in spanish means 'twerk'. The track is a sun-soaked fusion of Latin-EDM, bursting with the zest of reggaeton's pulsating rhythms. It opens with the strumming of a guitar, its notes warm and inviting, conjuring images of a tropical paradise. This melody is the golden hour of the song, setting the scene for an escape to an endless summer. The vocal line dances over the track, a melodic embodiment of freedom and joy. The lyrics are an ode to the carefree ecstasy of summertime revelry, celebrating the here and now. The instrumental builds with an impetuous energy, each beat a heartbeat pushing you closer to the dance floor. The reggaeton influence is undeniable, with its signature dembow rhythm acting as the backbone of the track, urging you to move with abandon. The blend of EDM's electronic dynamism with the organic sounds of Latin music creates a track that is both contemporary and timeless.