Vaelocity & Julian Vaelen - This Is Julian


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Utilities: • The first 10 holders of "This Is Julian" will receive an NFT airdrop of the 5th song on the album "Purpose Of Life" (release on March 17); • The first 2 holders of "This Is Julian" with min.30 copies collected will have a 10% share (5% each) in the royalties set of the next NFT "Purpose Of Life" (release on March 17); • Vaelocity is also a Mastering Engineer, so he's offering a free master of 1 song to the first 5 holders who has collected 100 copies of "This Is Julian"; • After the 7 radio edit NFTs are dropped, he will drop the 7 extended edits in one DJ set (= one NFT). All holders of a radio edit NFT will get a free airdrop.