Ready or Not, Adam Clay

Adam Clay

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Ready or not is absolutely the first Music NFT released by Adam Clay exclusively for BitSong.

The graphic concept is inspired by one of his most iconic photos, immersed in an unknown and vibrant universe, embracing the central concept of the song: diving into that incredible and mysterious journey that is life because only by facing the path will we be able to discover what awaits us along the way.

As for the musical aspect, the song, composed in collaboration with two well known Italian producers, Paolo Sandrini and Eugenio Ferrara, is a track with progressive house sounds, that unfolds like a cosmic journey; its energetic beats and ethereal sounds seemingly emanating from another dimension. At its core is a mantra, a lyrical repetition that echoes throughout the song, becoming a rallying cry for the listener.

The words, delivered with warmth by Adam Clay's voice, carry a profound message of hope and liberation. As the music builds, the mantra gains intensity, reinforcing its transformative power.

The combination of the hypnotic repetition, the dynamic progression of the house beats, and the evocative sounds from beyond infuse the track with a unique energy. It's a musical paradox—dark yet uplifting, grounding yet transcendent, and ultimately a sonic journey that invites the listener to embrace the unknown with open arms.